Dog Bather/Groomer
Duties: Dog bathers help our adoptable dogs look their best by bathing and
brushing them. This opportunity requires a high level of physical
(Must be able to lift at least 15 pounds or more depending on the dog)
For groomers, we recommend bringing your own supplies. Not all pets may tolerate grooms; use caution when working with a pet you do not know.
Qualifications: Be able to handle dogs
May have to lift pets into the tubs
Understand animal body language and behavior
Work independently
Directions: Must check with adoptions desk for each animal interested in bathing. Dogs with a recent spay or neuter incision cannot be bathed for 10-14 days. Adoptions desk can let you know if they are okay to bathe! Use the tubs in the kitchen and donated shampoos of choice. Animals must be fully dry before returning to kennels as they will get dirty while sitting wet.
As for grooming, some grooming supplies are provided, but it is recommended that if volunteers own their own grooming supplies that they bring it with them.
Address: 14700 Almeda Road
Houston, TX 77053
Minimum age:16
Volunteer Orientation Required:YES
Safe Dog Handling Class Required:no
Foster Orientation Required:NO
Contact: Sue Curtis