Mini Mammal Socialization
Duties: Our mini mammals need socialization! They get lonely too. Our common mini friends are rabbits and guinea pigs, (but not limited to ferrets, hamsters, rats, chinchillas, birds, and more). We encourage you to bring treats/veggies/toys to help our little friends become more social, active, and used to people. This helps relieve their boredom as well as become more adoptable!
Qualifications: -Must be able to handle small animals or birds
-Conduct socialization without supervision
-Minimal knowledge of mini mammals required
-Keep calm and quiet around these pets
-Don't force out of cage if pet is too shy
Directions: -Please ask an Adoption Counselor for the code to open the mini mammal manor entry door. You can socialize in the manor or carry the cage into a meet & greet room (carefully and as space allows) as long as pet is okay with this. Keep in mind, some pets may be too scared to go to the m&g rooms.
-Assist with cleaning cage or refilling water if messy
-Refer to the "Small Animal Volunteering" sign posted for more duties and descriptions.
-Assist adopters if they have questions regarding these animals.
-NOTE: there is a separate Small Mammals Application to meet these animals. The dog/cat app is not sufficient.
Address: 14700 Almeda Rd
Houston, TX 77053
Minimum age:18
Volunteer Orientation Required:Yes
Safe Dog Handling Class Required:No
Foster Orientation Required:No
Availability needed:Ongoing
Volunteers serve up to: 2 hours Daily
Contact: Sue Curtis