Clinic Volunteer
Duties: Volunteers will help out clinic staff with post-operation recovery as well as any other needs. Each day is different! Volunteers might draw up vaccines, restrain, clean surgery packs, and do anything else the clinic might need help with! You will learn a lot just by being involved!
Qualifications: MUST COMPLETE CLINIC ORIENTATION BEFORE ABLE TO VOLUNTEER-schedule with Volunteer Coordinator to get started!
Must follow staff instructions and be aware of potentially contagious or aggressive animals from the public.
Directions: The clinic opens at 9 am daily.
You must sign in at the front desk or on the clinic login paper sheet.
The techs will be able to direct you or explain anything to you. Don't be afraid to ask what or how to do anything!
Address: 14700 Almeda Rd
Houston, TX 70025
Minimum age:18
Volunteer Orientation Required:Yes
Safe Dog Handling Class Required:No
Foster Orientation Required:No
Contact: Sue Curtis