Match Maker
Duties: Help adopters find their purrfect match! Pull dogs for them if they have an approved adoption pass and try to match their wants with the right animal!
Qualifications: Do not pull dogs out without a pass
Do not let adopters go into cat kennels without a pass
Make sure adopters sanitize hands in between pets
Do a thorough meet & greet to ensure success and all parties involved are happy (family and pet).
Assist adopters with questions and through the adoption process to the desk.
Inform staff if you have concerns or bad feeling about any adopters.
Directions: Adopters must have a pass to meet with any animals.
Talk with adopters about their needs and interests. Find good pairings for adopter and pet alike. Bring pet and adopter to meet & greet room or play pen to meet with pet. Ensure adopter has thoroughly met with pet and disclose any information that you may know about that pet. Answer as much questions as you can to ensure a good fit. If adopters have more questions or want to adopt, escort them to the adoption desk then put the animal back in its kennel. If adoption team says they can adopt, put an "I'm Adopted" sign on the kennel card.
Address: 14700 Almeda Rd.
Houston, TX 77035
Volunteer Orientation Required:Yes
Safe Dog Handling Class Required:No
Foster Orientation Required:No
Contact: Sue Curtis