Home Chores
Location: In-Home Care

Volunteers will serve as a community resource to provide minor home repairs and chores to the older adult population. If you can fix a leaky faucet, or set up a home computer, or even fix a light switch, then we are looking for you. Our main goal is to allow older adults to remain in their homes longer and by assisting them with these home repairs helps us to help them remain at home.

Conduct minor home repair and chores including but not limited to; cleaning rain gutters, changing light bulbs, washing windows and/or houses, shoveling snow, landscaping lawn and gardens, painting, raking leaves, cleaning out basements, attics & garages, and others as needed.

Complete and submit all documentation for each client as required.

Document interaction with clients.

Comply with established policies and procedures of SourcePoint.
Qualifications: QUALIFICATIONS:

Must enjoy and respect older adults and be willing to work at building a positive relationship with the older adult.

Must recognize and respect the high level of personal responsibility involved in a volunteer/older adult relationship.

Must be patient, understanding and committed to volunteering with an older adult.

Ability to maintain confidentiality.

Ability to communicate effectively, verbal and written.

Experience with various tools and materials pertaining to home repairs.

Ability to operate small household machinery and tools in a safe manner.

Must be at least 18 years of age to operate machinery and climb ladders.

Must be physically able to perform duties required of the task.

Must pass specific background checks.