Faith Kids 1
Duties: A. Serve as member of the Volunteer Facilitator Team for one year.
B. Consistently attend monthly support groups including pre-group and post-group meetings.
C. Provide emotional support to children/teens and families during the bereavement process.
D. Listen to a bereaved person’s personal story with empathetic assurance of the grief process
E. Be aware of the need for professional intervention in the event of unhealthy or abnormal grief reactions and report to Program Coordinator.
F. Reserve confidentiality of client/family concerns
G. Complete all annual volunteer training updates and surveys.
H. Attend volunteer support meetings and education as needed.
I. Adhere to all guidelines, policies and procedures.
Qualifications: A. Satisfactorily completes required initial hospice training and Faith Kids group facilitators training.
B. Meets all application and screening requirements, including personal references, criminal background check, and drug screening.
C. Signs confidentiality statement and conflicts of interest forms.
D. Possesses effective communication skills
E. Willing to function as a supportive team member. Is reliable and punctual.
F. Comfortable with death and the dying process. . Have no significant personal loss within the previous year.
G. Must be at least 18 years of age