Community & Table Events

At these events, you will be promoting adopting from the shelter, low-cost spay/neuter, TNR, NO KILL 2025 and our biggest event of the year, the Paw Prints 5K/Pet Fest. You will also be selling Big Dog 50/50 tickets and collecting donations.

Community Events

These are scheduled events for a set date & time with 2 or 3 volunteers per shift. They are usually Farm Markets, Craft Shows, National Night Out, etc. These are good opportunities for new volunteers.

Table Events

Table Events are usually in front of high traffic stores. You can schedule one for any day or time during store hours, that you are available (usually for 2 hours). You can do these by yourself or team up with another volunteer. 


No special training or class is required and only takes a couple of hours. Sign up for any day or time you are available.