Duties: No Animal Interaction

Responsible for making sure laundry and dishes are clean and available for staff and volunteer use. Also Cleaning windows, Cleaning Frisbees & Sweeping / mopping.

- Assist in tasks that are essential to the daily operations of the shelter.
- Help clean dog kennels & cat cages.
- Launder all animal bedding, sheet, towels, blankets, leashes and soft toys
- Wash pet bowls, transportation carriers, litter pans, and hard toys
- Organize donations into their proper places

This position may seem mundane, but it is important that we have clean feeding dishes, litter boxes, and blankets to help our animals feel comfortable and happy. This position eliminates the possibility of cross contamination between animals which is vital in keeping our animals healthy.
Qualifications: - The laundry room volunteers will be standing for an extended period of time.
- Volunteers will be exposed to bleach, detergent, dish soap and steam from the sanitizer.

There is no training requirement but it is advised that new volunteers meet with staff to learn the procedures of this job.

Dress code- Volunteer dress code applies; non slip shoes aid in keeping you safe on any wet floors.