Friendly Visitor Volunteer
Responsibilities: -To provide meaningful social interactions int he residents' daily life
- To provide an opportunity for residents to spend time with persons of all ages.
- To decrease the loneliness of residents at risk for social isolation.
- Assist residents with small tasks (if necessary) such as opening mail, writing a letter or watering a plant.
- Record who you visit and their level of interaction on the form provided by Recreationists.
Benefits: - Learn and practice social and communication skills
- Gain experience interacting with seniors.
- Build meaningful relationships with residents of The Elliott Community
Requirements: - Excellent verbal and communication skills
- Comfortable interacting with residents on a 1:1 setting
- Patient, kind and positive
- Enjoy being part of a team and working effectively with others
-TB Test
-Police Check
-Rapid COVID Swab (completed every shift)
*Strongly encourage volunteers to be vaccinated for COVID-19 once eligible.
*Wear Full PPE (surgical mask and shield)