Shutterbug (Volunteer Photographer)
Location: Communications & Technology Services
Purpose: Take photos of various City and community events, activities and programs.
Qualifications/Desired Skills: 1. Must have DSLR camera/equivalent and equipment to submit photos electronically
2. Ability to take well-composed photos
3. Ability to take direction
Service Duties: After receiving an assignment, the photographer will contact or find a subject and arrange his or her own photo shoot using his or her own equipment.
Photos should be 300 dpi or greater. The City expects to receive 10 or more photos from each assignment for possible publication.
Credit for volunteer photographers will follow practices used for crediting staff. (The photographer will be given credit in written publications the first few months a photo is in use. Thereafter, the photo credit will be listed as “File Photo.”) Volunteer photographers retain the rights to sell or use their photographs for other use, but agree to the City’s Submitted Photo Policy which allows the City to use the photos indefinitely.
Address: Edina, MN