Actor/Actress/Voice Over
Location: Communications & Technology Services
Purpose: Provide acting and voice over talent for public service announcements, commercials and other videos produced by the Communications & Technology Service Department for Edina TV, websites or other needs.
Qualifications/Desired Skills: 1. Previous acting experience
2. Clear speaking voice free from defect
3. Previous voice-over recording experience
4. Strong communication skills
5. Ability to take direction
Service Duties: After securing a role, the talent studies the script to learn about the character. Sometimes scripts change during rehearsals, and talent may find themselves learning new lines.
The talent work under the project producer or director, who advises them on how to portray the characters. To bring the character to life, actors change their voices, dialects, facial expressions and other traits. In addition to wearing costumes, actors use props, which they must learn to use appropriately.