Internship - Environmental Sciences
Location: Circle B Bar Reserve (PNR)

Polk County's Nature Discovery Center is offering an internship in environmental sciences. Interns are provided with a diverse combination of experience opportunities related to the specialties of Environmental Education and serving as a Field Technician.

Polk's Nature Discovery Center is located at the Circle B Bar Reserve. The free discovery center has exhibits specifically designed to engage and excite visitors of all ages. It is a place to explore Polk's water, wildlife, and wilderness and gain a better understanding of the delicate ecosystems of Central Florida. There are numerous hands-on indoor and outdoor exhibits, picnic facilities, and nature trails, making it a great choice for families.

Main Assignment Responsibilities

  • Environmental Education
    • Assisting with visiting elementary school groups
    • Creating exciting hands-on curriculum design to be utilized with elementary students
    • Providing environmental education presentations/information to the general public.
  • Field Technician
    • Assisting with rare species and habitat monitoring
    • Learning basic land management techniques such as treating invasive species - prescribed fire, and general stewardship of environmental lands.


  • Circle B Bar Reserve is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9am-5pm and Sunday from 12pm-4pm.
  • This assignment is specifically seeking availability on any two (2) days between Tuesday and Saturday for a minimum of 4 hours each day for one semester.
  • Scheduling will be discussed at the time of the interview.



  • If completing this internship for academic credit, all required documents must be provided prior to your first scheduled day.

Education Level/Classes

  • Must be a college/university student
  • Must have taken and passed a college level basic biology class

Driving Record

  • Must have a valid Florida issued driver license

Physical Abilities/Speech

  • Must be able to hike a minimum of 3 miles


  • All clothing worn should be neat and clean, free of wrinkles, holes, and tears, and should not contain profanity, obscene imagery or otherwise convey an inappropriate message. Visible body piercings and jewelry that do not create a safety hazard may be permitted, subject to county management’s reasonable determination of propriety.


  • Pass all applicable screenings.


Skills listed below are skills either already possessed or learned through this assignment. Please complete your application in full to avoid delays in processing.

Address: 4399 Winter Lake Rd
Lakeland, FL 33803
Minimum age:18
Near a bus stop:No
Court Service:No
Court Service Min Age:N/A
Times needed:
  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Skills and Experience: Physical - Walk a distance
Physical - Walk door-to-door
Landscaping - Maintenance
Professional - Public Speaking
Teaching - Children
Teaching - Adults
Preferred Location: Any Place (Polk County)
Winter Haven
Indoors / Outdoors