Office Assistant - Bartow Office
Location: Healthy Families (HHS)

The Healthy Families office in Bartow FL is seeking someone to assist the secretary with entry-level records management, organization, kit assembly, and events.

A strong family foundation helps create a stronger, better community. Healthy Families Polk is here to support that foundation. Healthy Families is a voluntary, home visitation program designed to promote and enhance the healthy development of children and families. The program promotes positive parenting and works to reduce poor childhood outcomes, including abuse and neglect. The program offers outreach services designed to build trusting relationships, promote positive parenting, enhance maternal-infant bonding and attachment, enhance the child's physical, emotional, and educational development, and enhance parent-child interaction. Assistance also is provided to participating families in the use of available community services and resources. Healthy Families offers positive parenting classes for parents, expectant parents and caregivers.

Main Assignment Responsibilities

  • Filling, shredding, copying
  • Organizing
  • Utilize different kinds of office equipment
  • Assemble kits for families
  • Put together promotional materials
  • Attend and assist with Healthy Families events


  • Healthy Families is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm
  • This assignment is specifically seeking availability on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8am-12pm or 12pm to 4pm.
  • Scheduling will be discussed at the time of the interview



  • Must be in high school or, if graduated, hold a High School Diploma or GED equivalent

Physical Abilities/Speech

  • Must be able to lift 20 lbs
  • Must be able to reach/stretch


  • Pass all applicable screenings


Skills listed below are skills either already possessed or learned through this assignment. Please complete your application in full to avoid delays in processing.

Address: 2135 Marshall Edwards Dr
Bartow, FL 33830
Minimum age:14
Near a bus stop:Yes
Court Service:No
Court Service Min Age:N/A
Times needed:
  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Skills and Experience: Professional - Customer Service
Clerical - File/Copy/Sort/Pkg
Physical - Lift 20 lbs.
Physical - Walk door-to-door
Professional - Public Speaking
Preferred Location: Any Place (Polk County)
Indoors / Outdoors
Indoors Only