Cat Team
Duties: The Feline Friends are a team of self-motivated volunteers committed to improving the general living experience of adoptable cats at PHS. We provide basic care and human contact for cats in the colony and cage rooms. Volunteers also work with adopters to find the right cat for them. Most shifts require volunteers to interact with both adopters and cats, so the ability to multitask and a kind, caring manner toward potential adopters is required.

" Assist shelter staff with provision of basic creature comforts such as clean water, litter, and kennel liners.
" Work with adopters to find the right cat for their family.
" Observe health and behavior of cats and report any abnormalities to staff.
" Provide basic grooming care, such as cleaning noses and eyes, brushing, and trimming nails.

" One hour of training is required.
" Volunteers must commit to two 2-hour shifts per month using a self-scheduling tool.
" Shifts are available every day of the week (unless already filled); help is particularly needed weekday mornings from 8am-12pm.

" Initial training will consist of cat behavior and body language, cleaning protocols, and how to provide basic grooming care. You will complete one shift after receiving this training, just performing these activities.
" On your second shift, you will learn about how to counsel prospective adopters on cat adoptions. Volunteers who only wish to perform weekday morning shifts may skip the adoption counseling training.
Minimum age:10