Dog Team
Duties: Volunteers on this team walk dogs around the shelter grounds, giving each dog a 5 to 20 minute walk (depending on weather). Every volunteer walks for 2 hour shifts. Walkers walk all types of dogs in all weather conditions, so be prepared for a little wet dog smell from time to time (balanced out, of course, by the wet dog kisses youll get)!

Dog walking is an integral part of our volunteer program, and as such, the requirements are somewhat strict. In order to keep volunteers and dogs safe and happy, there are specific protocols in place for dog walkers. We require specific training and follow-up with volunteers to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding dog behavior.

" Enter and exit kennels using approved anxiety-reducing protocols
" Harness dogs or ensure they are wearing an approved collar
" Walk dogs as scheduled regardless of weather conditions
" Communicate with staff to identify dogs who need extra walks
" Confidently handle large, potentially unruly dogs, including bully breeds
" Commit to a consistent weekly schedule and notify of absences far in advance

" Dog walkers are needed every day of the week.
" Volunteers must be able to commit to a consistent schedule of walking for one 2-hour shift, once per week (or more, if available).

" One hour of training will qualify you as a dog walker; an additional two hours is spent with a shadow/mentor while dog walking.
" An initial one-hour Dog Walking training session is required, covering basic kennel etiquette, dog body language, and dog training strategies.
" Following the initial training, you will complete one two-hour shift with an experienced Walking Buddy.
" Upon completion of your first two shifts, you will have a brief evaluation with the Volunteer Manager and be given the opportunity to identify needs for continued training.
Minimum age:16