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Volgistics Payment Options

Organizations pay a monthly service fee to use Volgistics. Your monthly service fee includes around the clock access to Volgistics for up to two users (or more if you choose); automatic upgrades; automatic data backup; online application forms and opportunity directory; and online technical support. There are no software, licensing, upgrade, or support charges.

If you use the optional VicNet, VicTouch, or VicDocs modules, your service fee also includes unlimited around the clock access to these features.

The service level you choose for your account determines the amount of your monthly service fee. Service levels are based on the number of volunteers you track, the number of System Operators you want, and the VIC options you choose. Service fees start at just $9 a month. You can adjust your service level (up or down) as your needs change at the secure Volgistics Store.

You can use our Price Calculator to determine the monthly service fee for your organization's needs. To do this, hover over Try or Buy on the menu at the top of the page at, and select Price Calculator.

Payment methods

You can pay the monthly service fee for your account in two different ways:

  • Automatic payment (credit card)
  • Pre-payment (credit card, electronic check, or check)

Automatic payment

The easiest way to pay is through Automatic payments charged to a credit card.

With automatic payments, all you pay to get started is your first month's service fee. Thereafter the service fee is charged automatically to your credit card on a monthly basis. You can cancel at anytime without further cost or obligation. Automatic payments make accounting simple--you don't need to remember to renew your account periodically or request checks. And you can change your service level anytime without entering new payment information.

To start your account using automatic payment:

1. Visit

2. Hover over Try or Buy on the menu at the top of the page and select Store.

3. Enter your nine digit Volgistics account number.

4. Enter the Volgistics login name and password for a Volgistics Administrator, or the accounting access code for your account, and then click the Continue button.

5. Choose the service level you want to start at and then choose Automatic payments as your payment method.

6. Provide your credit card information.

Volgistics charges your first month's service fee and activates your account right away. The day of the month you start automatic payments establishes your account's billing date, although you may change your monthly billing date after you start your account. Thereafter, Volgistics charges your credit card monthly on your account's billing date for the next month's service fees.

Four days prior to each billing date, Volgistics sends an email reminder to a billing contact that shows the amount to be charged and the date the charge will be made. If you cancel your account before the billing date, Volgistics will not charge your account, and no additional charges will be made. It is your responsibility to ensure that the billing contact's email address you provide for billing reminders is accurate and up-to-date.


With the Pre-payment option, you can pre-pay your service fee by check or credit card. Volgistics does not charge you automatically when you use this payment method.

To start your account with pre-payment:

1. Visit

2. Hover over Try or Buy on the menu at the top of the page and select Store.

3. Enter your nine digit Volgistics account number.

4. Enter the Volgistics login name and password for a Volgistics Administrator, or the accounting access code for your account, and then click the Continue button.

5. Choose the service level you want to start at and then choose Pre-payment as your payment method.

6. Choose the number of months you want to pre-pay.

7. Make your pre-payment online by credit card or electronic check; or by mailing a check (payments must be made in U.S. funds).

You can get started with Volgistics right away if you pre-pay online.

If you mail your account payment, follow the paying by mail instructions. If you pay by check, your check will be transferred to our Accounting Department when it arrives. Once your check is received by our Accounting Department, Volgistics activates your account within two business days. Note that payments made online by credit card or electronic check can be processed more quickly than checks mailed to us.

To continue using Volgistics beyond the period you initially pre-pay, you can make additional pre-payments by mail at any time. However, you will not be able to create an invoice for this until 90 days or less before your current service expires. Online payments can only be made 90 days or less before your current service expires because these require an invoice.

Switching payment methods

You can switch between the Automatic payment and the Pre-payment payment methods at any time. Just visit the Volgistics Store and choose the option to change payment methods.

Online Payment Security

Volgistics uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all of your personal information, including credit card number and check information, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. SSL is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure online commerce transactions. Help topic 1014 explains more about how Volgistics protects your information.

Additional terms

All rates and charges are in U.S. funds. Payments for charges must be made in U.S. funds.

Customers may review their account charges, payments, and service level, or change their service level, at any time.

If you increase your service level under Automatic payments, Volgistics charges your account a prorated amount to cover the additional service fees for the remainder of the current billing period. Thereafter your account is charged at the new service fee level. If you decrease your service level, there is not a refund for the amount already paid. However, Volgistics begins charging your account the new, lower service fee on the next billing date.

If you increase your service level under Pre-payments, Volgistics adjusts your account's expiration date based on the new daily service fee. If you decrease your service level, there is not a refund for the amount already paid. However, the new, lower rate will apply the next time you pay your service fee.

If a change in service fees is to occur, Volgistics will alert the billing contact for your account at least 30 days in advance. With Automatic payments, the new rate is charged beginning on the first billing date following the new rate's effective date. With Pre-payments, the new rate applies on the new rate's effective date and the account's expiration date is automatically adjusted based on the new rate.

One way we keep Volgistics rates low is to reduce the cost of collecting service fees. We do this by collecting service fees online, or by check. For this reason we do not accept purchase orders as payment for service fees.

Customers may cancel their account and use of the service at anytime using the "Cancel" option under "Account Management" in the Setup area. See Help topic 2262 for more information. Any service fee already paid (or account credit balances) at the time of cancellation are non-refundable. If you use automatic monthly billing, Volgistics will cease billing your credit card for the monthly service fee when you cancel your account.

Purchase Orders

While Volgistics does not accept purchase orders as payment, the Volgistics Store provides a way for organizations that have paper-based payment processing systems to generate invoices with purchase order numbers for their internal payment processing requirements.

When you choose to use the Pre-payment method, Volgistics creates an Order-Invoice for you.

You can add a purchase order number to any Order-Invoice in the Volgistics Store by using the "Add a purchase order number" option. You can then print a copy of the Order-Invoice to use for internal payment processing.

When the purchase order is approved within your organization, mail your check to Volgistics or enter an electronic check payment in the Volgistics Store. Volgistics activates or extends your service once the payment is received.

Please do not send your purchase order to Volgistics.

Collecting service fee payments by credit card or check is one way we keep the cost of Volgistics low.

Please note: Most of our customers are not-for-profit organizations involved in a wide range of important community service, health care, recreational, educational, cultural, and civic endeavors. Our service fees are set with the fiscal realities common to not-for-profit organizations in mind. While some for-profit organizations also use the service, they typically do so as part of outside philanthropic efforts. For these reasons, the Volgistics service fees are the same for all.

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