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Running Reports Automatically

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Running Reports Automatically

You can run stock or custom reports in Volgistics manually by selecting Print from the menu, going to the report style you need, clicking on the name of the report you want, and then clicking the Print it button. When you do this, Volgistics sends a report file to the In Box of your Volgistics mailbox so you can save it locally or send it to your printer.

You may have reports you want to have on a regular schedule such as a the volunteers scheduled next week, a list of this month's birthdays, or a service report for hours served in the preceding month. You can do this by setting up the report to run automatically. When you do this, Volgistics generates the report overnight (starting at about 3:00 am Eastern) and places the file in your In Box so it is available in the morning. This help topic explains how to configure a report to run automatically.

1. Select Print from the menu.

2. Expand the report style section for your report.

Image of Report Styles

3. Do one of the following:

  • If you are making a report from scratch, click the Create a new . . . . report link and follow the steps in help topic 2223 to create the report. When you get to the Save tab, see the information below to setup the report to run automatically.
  • If you are modifying a custom report you already have, click the Modify it button and go to the Save tab. See the information below to setup the report to run automatically.
  • If you want to make a stock report run automatically, click the Clone it button and go to the Save tab. See the information below to setup the report to run automatically.

The Would you like this report to run on an automatic schedule? section of the Save tab contains the settings for the automatic report options.

Image of Automatic Section


To have a report run automatically each month, select Yes, print it on the xx of each month and pick the day of the month from the dropdown list. Select Last from the list if you want the report to print on the last day of the month. The date for this will vary depending on what month it is when the report is run.

Please Note:

The first and last days of the month typically have a high volume of automatic reports. This can cause delays so the auto report file may not be in the mailbox the first thing in the morning. If you want to avoid this delay, we recommend selecting a day of the month other than the first or last day.


To have a report run automatically each week, select Yes, print it every xxxx and pick the day of the week the report should arrive from the dropdown list. While there is not a daily option, you can still get an automatic report each day. For example, if your organization schedules volunteers Monday through Friday, setup a report called Daily Schedules - Monday and configure it to run automatically every Monday. Then, clone this report, change its name to Daily Schedules - Tuesday and configure it to run automatically every Tuesday. Repeat this until you have a report for each day you want.

System Operator

Use the Send it to dropdown to select the name of the System Operator who will appear in the To column for the report file on the In Box. The Volgistics In Box can be shared by operators so other operators can still access a report even if a different operator's name is listed in the To column.

Site Selection

The Print it on this schedule for section will only appear if the account has Site Level Access enabled.

Select Headquarters only if the report should be run as an operator who has access to all Sites in the account and only placed on the In Box for operators with access to all Sites.

Select Headquarters and all Sites if the report should be run once as a Headquarters Operator, and then again for each Site in the account. The reports for each Site will be treated as if a Site-Level or Multi-Site Level Operator ran the report. That is, the report will be limited to just one Site's information and placed on the In Box for just that Site's operators. If you choose this option, it may be useful to include the Site's name as part of the report's title. You can learn how to automatically add the Site name to the report's title in help topic 2207.

Please Note:

The Headquarters and all Sites option is disabled if the Which other Volgistics users should be able to use this report? setting on the Save tab is set to Only those at headquarters. Change the setting to Users at all sites to enable the option to have the report run automatically for each Site.

This will also make the report appear under each Site's custom reports so operators for the Site can run it manually at anytime. However, the Site-Level and Multi-Site Level Operators will not be able to modify the report's template even if their operator rights allow them to modify reports.

When a report is setup to run automatically, Volgistics places an icon in front of the report's name on the list of reports. This allows you to quickly see which reports are set up to repeat automatically in a pattern.

Image of Automatic Report Icon

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Running Reports Automatically

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