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Award Ground Rules

You use the Award Ground Rules page to configure several underlying rules Volgistics will use for tracking volunteer recognition. If you're not already on the Award Ground Rules page, you can get there by selecting Setup from the menu, choosing "Awards," and then clicking the "Ground Rules" link.

Volunteers are eligible for awards if their Status is

Use this section to control which volunteers you want to give volunteer recognition to based on their volunteer Status. Check the statuses you want to receive recognition.

If a volunteer's Status is any of those you check in this section and they meet the requirements for any of your awards, the award will appear on the volunteer's Checklist box indicating that the volunteer is eligible for the award. The Checklist box is located on the History tab of the volunteer's record.

If a volunteer's Status is any of those you do not check in this section, they will not be shown as eligible for any awards-even if they meet the award's criteria.

If you want your volunteer recognition program to just include "active" volunteers, check only the Active Status in this section.

If a volunteer's Status is not one of those checked in this section, and their Status is changed back to one that is (for example, if they are changed from "Inactive" back to "Active"), they will become eligible for any award for which they meet the criteria.

Sequential award rule

Volunteer awards are often "sequential." For example, awards based on the number of hours served are often based on a sequence such as 100 hours, 500 hours, 1,000 hours, and so forth. When you have these kinds of awards, there are two different ways you can go about presenting them in situations where volunteers have achieved more than one level since you last gave awards.

One is to give every award level that a volunteer is eligible for, the other is to give only the highest level they are eligible for.

Here's an example: suppose you have awards for 100 hours, 500 hours, and so forth. Further suppose that volunteer George Bailey started volunteering sometime since you last presented awards and he has now served 650 hours. The next time you give awards, should George be presented with a 100 hour award and a 500 hours award (he meets the criteria for each of these), or only the 500 hour award (the highest award he's eligible for)?

Every level they have achieved

Choose this option if you want to present volunteers with every award, even if they are eligible for a higher level award. With this setting, George Bailey would receive both the 100 and the 500 hour award in the example above.

Only the highest level they have achieved

Choose this option if you want to present volunteers with just the highest level award they are eligible for. With this setting, George Bailey would receive just the 500 hour award in the example above.

This setting is simply a matter of which way you prefer to give awards. If you recently added volunteer records and are entering your volunteers' past awards, you can either enter all of your volunteers' past awards (if you want to keep their award history), or you can just enter their most recent award. If you enter only their most recent award, set the sequential award rule to Only the highest level they have acheived. Otherwise all the sequential awards will appear on the volunteer's History tab.

Please keep in mind that this setting affects all sequential awards you setup in Volgistics. So if you change this for entering past awards and want new volunteers to receive each award in a sequence, you will need to remember to do this yourself because the volunteer's History tab will not show lower level awards if more than one level is acheived.

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