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The Volgistics Checklist features provide tools for keeping track of actions that new or current volunteers must complete. Examples of these actions include:

  • Attending orientation
  • Health screenings
  • Confidentially agreements
  • Parental consent forms
  • Background checks
  • Reference checks
  • and more

You (or your organization's Volgistics administrator) start by setting up the individual checklist items you want to track. When you setup each Checklist item you can specify if it applies to all or just certain volunteers, and if it's something that must be repeated periodically (like health screenings). You can setup all of your checklist items before you get started with Volgistics, or you can create some at the beginning and add more as you go.

Every volunteer you track in Volgistics has a Checklist that shows you which items they've completed (with checkmarks) and which they need to complete (those without checkmarks). In the illustration below, volunteer Harry Bailey has completed all of his Checklist items except for his "Department orientation" and "Name Tag."

Each volunteer's Checklist appears on the History tab in their volunteer record. To view a volunteer's Checklist, select "Volunteers" from the menu, locate the volunteer's record, and then click on their History tab.

In addition to seeing which checklist items an individual volunteer has completed, you can also see their checklist completion history on the History tab. This list shows you the date(s) the volunteer completed each item, and when it next expires (for items that must be repeated periodically).

In addition to viewing individual volunteer's Checklists on their History tab, you can use the Tickler to see lists of all of the volunteers who currently need to complete specific checklist items; or who have checklist items that will expire soon.

If you are ready to add a new Checklist item now, choose Setup from the menu. Select Checklist, and click on the "Add a new checklist item" link. Our help topic on how to setup checklist items explains how to create a new checklist item starting from this Checklist item setup screen.

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