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Customize Volgistics to Meet Your Needs

You can customize nearly every part of Volgistics to suit the needs of your organization.

Volgistics uses pre-established options to allow you to customize the way the system works without needing to talk to a programmer. Here is a short list of the areas that can be customized:

  • Schedule
    You can choose to setup your schedule in 15, 30, or 60 minute intervals. Schedule volunteers on the fly, or create pre-set openings. If you want, you can include volunteer phone numbers on the schedule. Learn more...
  • Reports
    Create custom reports that contain all the volunteer and service information you would like. Print reports for the volunteers and time periods you define. Learn more...
  • Application forms
    Create online volunteer application forms that new volunteers can use, saving you from copying information from paper forms. Include any information you would like, and even collect assignment preferences. Learn more...
  • Links to Volgistics forms from your website
    Post links to your application forms, opportunity directory, and VicNet login portal right on your own website. Learn more...
  • Checklist items (volunteer requirements)
    Track volunteer requirements in each volunteer record. You can choose which volunteers each requirement applies to, and have expiration or renewal dates calculated automatically. Learn more...
  • Awards
    Track volunteer recognition in Volgistics by creating Awards. You set the criteria, and Volgistics can tell you which volunteers are eligible. Learn more...
  • User rights
    You can choose which fields a user in Volgistics can see or edit and deny certain users from performing some actions. This allows you to have more control over what your users doing. Learn more here and here.

This is just a short list of items that can be customized by the user in Volgistics. The system was designed so that users can customize it without having to consult with a programmer. But if you do need some help, or just want some advice, customizing any aspect of Volgistics, feel free to ask us a question and our support team will respond promptly. For more information on how to setup Volgistics, we recommend checking out help topic 2323 "How to Setup Volgistics"

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