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Tracking Volunteer Groups with Volgistics

Volgistics allows you to easily track volunteer groups without entering information for each individual volunteer.

Video Tutorial

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Introduction to Group Records

Each time you add a new volunteer record to Volgistics you can mark which kind of record it is: an Individual record or a Group record. You do this using the Kind field which appears in the Name box on the Core tab in each volunteer record.

Use Individual volunteer records when you want to track personal information (like name and address); volunteer service; Checklist items; or Awards for a person individually, of if you would like to include the individual in Volgistics emails.

Use Group volunteer records to track groups of people who serve collectively as part of a business; service or social club; fraternal organization; or similar group when you cannot or do not want to track the group’s members individually. When you create a Group record, that single Group record will represent all of the members of that particular group. You can record the name and contact information for a group contact on each Group record; however you do not record the names of the individual members of the group in a Group record.

If you want to track the members of a group individually you can, however you should not create Group records for each group member you want to track individually. Use Individual volunteer records instead.

If you want to track the names – or any specific information such as service, Checklist items, or Awards – for each member of a group, you should track those volunteers using an Individual volunteer record for each person instead of creating a Group record for their group or a separate Group record for each group member. You can still link all of their records together using a Flag if you want to be able to produce reports just for the volunteers who have a specific group association.

Video Tutorial

Click the Video Tutorial button to watch a video entitled:
Introduction to Group Records

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