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What it does

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Volgistics provides a rich set of features that help people who lead volunteer programs recruit, track, and coordinate volunteers. Volgistics is adaptable to the needs of many different kinds of volunteer organizations. You can easily turn features on or off to fit the way you work, making the system as simple or complete as you need.

All of these features except the optional VicNet and VicTouch modules are standard in every Volgistics account.

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Feature Description
Anywhere, anytime Access your volunteer information anywhere, anytime from any Internet connected computer: at work, at home, from remote offices, or on the road.
No software to install Volgistics is 'browser based,' so there's no software to install, update, or maintain. Use Volgistics from any PC or Mac with any popular web browser.
No I.T. support required All you need to use Volgistics is a computer with an Internet connection. No Information Technology department or special expertise needed to install or maintain the system.
Automatic backups Volgistics automatically makes database backups on a daily basis, so there's no need to for you to perform backups yourself.
Safe and secure Volgistics uses the same level of security as online banking, and its own secure data center to keep your information safe. More...
Private You own your data and control who has access to it. Volgistics carefully protects the privacy of the information you store through specific procedural and hardware systems. More...
Integrated documentation Extensive database of help topics provides step-by-step guidance on how to use each feature and perform common volunteer office tasks.


Feature Description
Online volunteer application forms Add customized online volunteer application forms to your own web site. Then, screen new applicant information right in Volgistics. Information from applications you accept goes right into your database without any additional data entry. More...
Online opportunity directory Just add a single link to your web site to create an online volunteer opportunity directory. Visitors to your web site can browse your volunteer opportunities to see job descriptions; requirements; times needed; and more.More...

Track & Coordinate

Feature Description
Tabs Individual volunteer records have a simple tab format that makes it easy to keep your information organized, and to find information quickly.
Search Easily find individual volunteer records by last or first name, number, or email address. Use Sets to search for volunteers based on information in their record, such as 'everyone who served in March 2006,' or 'anyone available on Thursday evenings.' More...
Flags & Types Organize volunteers into an unlimited number of classifications, such as 'adult,' 'junior,' 'employee,' 'RSVP,' 'periodic,' etc. Easily view, print, or email volunteers based on these classifications. More...
Groups Track, schedule and report on groups of volunteers without having to create a separate record or each individual member of the group. Choose to allow the group leaders to schedule their group online. More...
Sets Create and save custom 'Sets' of volunteers based on information in your volunteer records (e.g. 'volunteers who served last year,' 'volunteers with birthdays in September,' etc.). Easily view, print, or email the volunteers in any Set in one easy step. More...
Email management Send email to individual volunteers or coordinators; all volunteers in a selected Set or Assignment; or to every volunteer. Volunteers can choose the kinds of email they would like to receive from your organization. Built-in email op-out features let you send mass email responsibly. Automatic email delivery status tracking helps you identify bad email addresses More...
Tags Mark selected volunteer records 'on-the-fly' with Tags. Then work with the tagged records as a set: view, print, or send email to them. Insert data; change their status; or archive the tagged volunteers in a single step. More...
Volunteer Contacts Track each volunteer's emergency contact, references, parent or guardian, employer, or anyone else you choose.
Photos Put a face to a name by uploading volunteer photos. If you use VicNet, optionally let volunteers upload their own photo. More...
Checklists Track the steps volunteers must take to become and remain active, such as application forms; background or reference checks; health screenings; and training; See instantly who needs to complete a step; and which steps individual volunteers have or have not completed, and when. More...
Recognition Simply setup recognition criteria for recognition based on service and let Volgistics do the rest. See who is ready to receive any award and easily print award eligibility lists. Post awards which have been presented in one easy step. Keep recognition histories for each volunteer. More...
Automatic email reminders Automatically send volunteers schedule and checklist reminders by email.
Birthday lists Get volunteer birthday lists on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Duplicate checking Prevents duplicate records by checking to be sure there is not already a record for new volunteers you enter.
Archives Archive the records for volunteers who no longer participate, then optionally restore the archived record if the volunteer returns. More...
Multi-site access Use Volgistics at one site, or hundreds. Operators at each site see just the volunteers for their site. Headquarters sees all volunteer records and sets the standards for all sites. More...
Assignment tracking
Track Assignments Organize volunteer assignments by department, location, program, or site; keep volunteer assignment histories; easily view or print volunteer lists for individual assignments; email volunteers according to assignment; and more. More...
Job descriptions Track job descriptions, duties, responsibilities, and other assignment information such as age or skill requirements, times volunteers serve; and travel directions to where the service is performed.
Volunteer & assignment matching Match volunteers to assignments, or assignments to volunteers based on age, skills, preferences, and availability. More...
Coordinators Assign one or more 'coordinators' to each assignment; then view or print volunteer lists and schedules by coordinator. Optionally let coordinator's manage their volunteers' schedules through VicNet.
Service Tracking
Collect service records online or at touch screen stations Optional VicTouch and VicNet modules for collecting volunteer service information and eliminating manual hour recordkeeping.
Post from time sheets Collect hours manually and then use the Post feature to enter and verify data rapidly.
Post from schedules If you schedule volunteers in advance, optionally post their service directly from the schedule.
Track Merit hours In addition to actual hours of service, award 'bonus' hours (e.g. 'time and one half' or 'double time') for selected service, or add or deduct travel time or meal breaks.
Track the value of volunteer service Assign dollar values to volunteer service overall, or by assignment; and report volunteer service value on reports. Change these values anytime you choose.
Audit service records Monitor volunteer service collected through VicNet or VicTouch; or service posted by selected system operators. More...
Track additional service measures In addition to (or instead of) tracking hours of service, track up to twelve additional measures of service unique to your organization, such as 'visitors greeted,' 'tours given,' or 'meals delivered.'
Print service reports Print detailed or summary service reports by volunteer, Assignment, or Type; prior period comparisons; monthly, quarterly, or annually; and more.
Perpetual scheduling One-time or ongoing volunteer scheduling. Schedule volunteers for perpetual ongoing duty on nearly any regular interval such as 'every Monday,' 'first and third Thursdays,' and 'alternate Saturdays.'
Openings Build schedule openings in advance, and then fill openings as volunteers sign-up. Easily view a schedule to see how many openings remain unfilled.
Print schedules View or print schedules in a monthly or daily format and by volunteer, site, place, assignment, or coordinator.
Substitutes Optionally track substitutes. See the substitutes name as well as the name of the volunteer they're substituting for.
Volunteer interaction With the optional VicNet module volunteers can go online from any Internet connected computer to view and print their schedule; sign-up for vacant schedule openings; or remove themselves from days they cannot serve as scheduled.
Coordinator interaction With the optional VicNet module, coordinators can view and print the schedule for the volunteers they supervise, as well as add and remove volunteers from their schedule.
PDF or Excel Generate printed reports as PDF documents or Excel spread sheet files. Print PDF files to paper with virtually any computer printer. More...
Schedule reports to run automatically Schedule reports you need regularly to run automatically and set basis, such as the first of every month.
Address labels Use Address label reports to print mailing labels for volunteers, coordinators, or volunteer contacts (such as references, employers, or emergency contacts). These reports work with sheet fed labels for laser or ink jet printers. More...
Awards Awards reports are sorted by award. For each award, this report lists the volunteers who are eligible for (or who have received) the award, followed by any fields of information you choose from the volunteer record. More...
Batch report Optionally print batch summary reports if you post hours manually. You can use these reports for comparison to your manual time sheets to check data entry accuracy.
Excel spread sheet Use Excel Spread Sheet reports to create spread sheet files that contain some or all of your volunteer information. You can open Excel spread sheet files in Microsoft Excel (using Excel97 or later), or any other programs that support the current XLS file format. More...
Labels Use Label reports to print specialized labels that include information from your volunteer records. These reports work with sheet fed labels or index cards for laser or ink jet printers. More...
Name tags Print name tags for volunteers or coordinators using sheet fed labels for laser or ink jet printers.
Service details Service Detail reports list the individual service records for the volunteers and time period you choose. These reports are useful for comparing database entries to external service information like time sheets, or seeing the individual dates volunteers served. They may include volunteer hours, merit hours (if you use them), and any other measures of volunteer service you track. They may also include the service value and FTE comparisons. More...
Service summary These reports are useful for printing monthly, or annual volunteer service reports for distribution to management, boards or committees, or others interested in monitoring the extent of volunteer service over time. They may include volunteer hours, merit hours (if you use them), and any other measures of volunteer service you track. They may also include the service value, FTE comparisons, unduplicated volunteer counts, and prior year comparisons. More...
Volunteer list Volunteer list reports have a column and row format. They list volunteers alphabetically or by volunteer number, followed by any fields of information you choose from the volunteer record. More...
Volunteer profile Useful when you would like all of a volunteer's key information on a single page, or for a "hard-copy" of each volunteer's record. You can customize volunteer profile reports to be as concise or detailed as you choose by picking exactly which volunteer information you want to appear on the report.


Feature Description
Customer configurable A Setup menu provides you with access to all of the system setup features so you can customize the system to suit your needs yourself. No programming required. More...
Customize fields Customize individual fields. Hide, rename, or set fields 'read only.' Many fields allow your choice of field type (e.g. number, text, date, drop-down). Add, delete, or merge drop down list items. More...
System operators Setup individual system operator profiles for each person who uses Volgistics. Set each system operator's rights (which Tabs and fields they can see, if they have access to setup, and more). More...
Feature selection Turn features on or off individually. Turn off features you don't currently use, and then turn them on later if you need them.

Volunteer Information Center

Feature Description
VicNet VicNet is the optional module that gives volunteers online access. With VicNet, volunteers can check their schedules; sign-up for schedule openings; update their key information (such as email address); post their service; and receive messages from you; all from any Internet connected computer. More...
VicTouch VicTouch is the optional module you use with an on-site touch-screen equipped PC or kiosk. Arriving and departing volunteers can sign-in and out at the VicTouch station, eliminating manual time sheets. More...

How it works

Volgistics is a volunteer management application you use over the Internet. Rather than installing software on your computer, you access Volgistics on the web using any standard web browser. This technology eliminates the hassles of PC software: there's nothing to install, no updates to apply, and no database or network issues to deal with.


Volgistics gives volunteer leaders the mobility they need

You can use your volunteer information anytime, anywhere: from the office, at home, or on the road. All you need is a computer (PC or Mac) with an Internet connection. High speed internet connections such as DSL, cable modem, or T1 are recommended for the locations you work from regularly.


Volgistics with your own web site to advertise volunteer opportunities, and collect volunteer application forms online. Just add simple HTML links to your web pages where you want to post volunteer opportunities or provide volunteer application forms. Volgistics does the rest.


Across town or across the world

People at branch offices can use Volgistics simultaneously without dedicated network connections to your headquarters. All they need is an Internet connection.

Involve volunteers

The Internet offers volunteer leaders exciting new opportunities for volunteer interaction, and two optional Volunteer Information Center components called VicNet and VicTouch can make it happen.

Volunteers use VicNet online to check their schedules, sign-up for openings, post their interests and availability, communicate with you, and report and monitor their volunteer service. Volunteers access VicNet online from home or anywhere they have an Internet connection.

VicTouch offers similar features, at touch-screen equipped workstations or kiosks you locate on-site in your facility. VicTouch includes a check-in and check-out system ideal for on-site volunteers.

Both VIC options integrate seamlessly with your Volgistics database, reducing or eliminating your need to post volunteer service information manually, and helping to keep volunteers informed and involved.

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